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Hi there! My name is Jouni Markkanen.

I have been serving as a city councilman from the year 2012 and I have been privileged to have gotten the change to work on improving the happiness of the people in Tampere. From December 2017 I have also been working at the National Coalition Party’s headquarters, influencing the party lines on policy programs for city, digitalisation and working life. Unfortunately those have only been published in Finnish, but you can find the city policy program here.
If you vote for me, I will keep working on these on a national level!

Environmental sustainability is key. Reversing climate change creates the setting for all policy making in the future. Politics has to offer people the chance and conditions to pursue happiness in that setting! My other thoughts and ideas you can be found below. Hopefully I will see you during and after this election spring!



If we don't stop global warming and climate change, any of the other decisions we make won't matter much. Here are three steps to fight climate change:

Carry our own weight
We have to comprehensively map where Finland's climate emissions composition comes from. Based on those composites, we have to create a set of instruments on decreasing those emissions. In addition, climate effects of our own actions have to be made more visible to everyone, so that we can affect our decisions and help Finland to reduce its share of emissions and more!

A supportive atmosphere for climate innovations
Finland's greatest asset is a high level of know-how and expertise. We should enable that to fight climate change. Let's focus education contributions to environmental fields, add public financing to innovations and R&D projects, and let's create a supportive as possible atmosphere and environment for ventures to try and test new innovations. Finland is a small but important part of the world, where climate innovations can spread all over the world.

Make product prices reflect environmental impact with international agreements
The global economy must be a tool in fighting climate change. Environmental impact must be included in the price of the product, and it must include all steps of manufacturing the product. The market must have mechanisms to guide consumerism towards more positive climate impacts. Let's set our goal to have a multiple carbon handprint instead of a carbon footprint!


Digitalisation is Finland's and Europe's chance to shine bright.

We already have the know-how and the preconditions. We have to put the people in the center when creating and developing digital services. The setting is there, and now we need to put the kind of policy makers in to politics, who make open collaboration the norm and create the greatest public digital services in the world, right here in Finland. In the meanwhile we will be the thought leaders and trendsetters in Europe, in making an attractive environment for innovating new platforms.

The know-how, knowledge and people have to move together with the issues in Finland. This way we can make phenomenon and individually based decisions. The current organisation-centric model does not care about peoples' needs. We need to break down walls and silos between organisations to let the information flow freely, and to get the expertises focused on solving the issues. The change requires freely moving information inside the public sector and phenomenon based thinking. When our principle is that only one contact is enough to get problems fixed, or to get needed services, we force the stakeholders to neatly work together.

To accomplish this mission, the next government needs to have a Minister of Digitalisation. That minister's sole mission is to drive a new way of working and functioning in to administration, where You are in the center of all decisions!


Every situation where working is not more beneficial than not working is unacceptable.

We need a social security reform. The social security model of the future has to be one where working is always profitable to the one doing it. This way we support and encourage people to work. For example, an unemployed job seeker needs to be encouraged to study to update their education. Motivation from within a person produces better results and happier people, than forcing from the outside.

We all need to educate ourselves in the future to develop and make better use of our own know-how. At the very least we need to educate ourselves as users of new technology. Let's make updating our know-how and education as easy and attractive as possible with an education voucher.

Additionally we need to remove the duality model of our higher education system. Useless walls and silos between different types of universities need to be torn apart. Higher education needs to be seen as a connecting force, unifying the different resources and best sides between research and applied science universities. They don't need to contradict each other.

As it is, we need to step out of only respecting diplomas and not the abilities and knowledge. Work is done by skill, and a single piece of paper is a worse indicator than actually doing.


A human being is always an individual, which is forgotten far too often!

Equality in opportunity must belong to everyone. There are still problems that need fixing, including but not limited to inexplicable differences in income between genders, overemphasised portion of fixed-term employment contracts especially for young women, and people right to have control over their own bodies.

Diversity makes Finland a place, where everyone has an equal chance for happiness.

We need a parental leave reform, that improves the status of women in the employment market. That can be achieved by allotting a part of the parental leave to both parents.

Let's give people the rights to their own bodies by reforming the transgender laws by ending defining gender based on guesses.

We should also add lack of consent to the criteria defining rape.

We should make Finland more international by developing migration integration to being more employment and education based. Finland has to be open and attractive to different kinds of people! Only that way we get people to come and stay here to make sure that we will still have an affluent society in the future.


Tampere is the best town in the world. Or actually the best urban area in the world. Let's not hide it from the world.

Urban areas define Finland success and that's why their weight in society needs to be strengthened. The failure in the provincial society reform is a possibility for Finland which should not be left unused. The state works best when it only provides the framework and then steps out of the way. The Tampere urban area and Pirkanmaa as a whole are on their way to the world map. So that everyone can find their way here, we need to create a 1-hour train connection to and from Helsinki-Vantaa airport. This would create a connection between Tampere and the world.

Cities are built by people
Let's give people the space to operate and fulfil themselves. Let's not take supervision and bureaucracy too far, and let's keep the swings in the swing sets during wintertime as well. We must bring whole communities to work together to improve quality of life for themselves, for example through communal city gardens. Let's enable coincidence through closely knight urban development.

Let's make cities in to living rooms for the people.

Eduskuntavaalit 2019


  • Masters in Economics
  • City councilperson in Tampere
  • National Coalition Party chairperson in Tampere region
  • Hero of the story in Siilinjärvi summer theater year 2004
  • Political secretary for the National Coalition Party
  • Deputy member of City Board of Tampere
  • Finnish championship 3rd place in indoor rowing
  • 4th in Tamperelainen magazine's summer sweetheart vote
  • Smurf of the Year 2008
  • Masters in Economics
  • City councilperson in Tampere
  • National Coalition Party chairperson in Tampere region
  • Hero of the story in Siilinjärvi summer theater year 2004
  • Political secretary for the National Coalition Party
  • Deputy member of City Board of Tampere
  • Finnish championship 3rd place in indoor rowing
  • 4th in Tamperelainen magazine's summer sweetheart vote
  • Smurf of the Year 2008
Jouni on kokoomuksen ehdokas eduskuntavaaleissa 2019



Politics is important, and one of the key factors in policy making is consistency. In my replies to the election compasses you can find my thoughts on different kinds of hot topics.  

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Politics is made by people for the people, and that is why comprehensive know-how and experience is important.

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